Who we are

Josh and Jess is a start-up apparel brand with a message and a mission. The message is simple; you can achieve your dream. If you have been given the dream, you have been blessed with the ability to achieve it. Our mission is to give visibility through apparel to dreams. Specifically, those dreams and aspirations African Americans and people of color have had limited exposure to. Growing up I could not see beyond what was around me. Slowly, my eyes were opened to a world beyond my community, beyond what I had seen growing up. This brand is my mission to do for others what was done for me.

Presently there are two t-shirt images: the pilot and the astronaut. The pilot is a young adult African American male dressed in traditional aviation clothing standing next to a private plane. The Astronaut is African American female similar in age to the male. She is wearing her space suit and is standing next to a rocket. Two more dream experiences will be released in eight months. Dream experiences of the two characters will always be released in pairs. The characters themselves will remain basically the same.

The t-shirts are 52% ringspun cotton and 48% polyester. They are ultra-soft and of the highest quality. The t-shirts themselves are unisex and can be worn by anyone regardless of the character on the shirt.

Tyson Bonty – Founder/CEO